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#13 - Philosophers in Firms P.1 - The Organizational Statement of Ethics & Thought Leadership

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

During Pan-Optic’s two-part series “Philosophers in Firms,” Jason and Juan Pablo investigate the mystery of why Google hired a philosopher and what this individual does. Along the way, we address the following more fundamental questions: Should firms hire philosophers? Does it make good business sense? How does the business case compare to the moral case? Do they conflict?

Today’s episode (part one) explores: the downcast job market for humanities and philosophy PhDs; the rationale for apparently superficial corporate ethics statements; the moral and functional analyses of Google's statement of ethics; why Google hired the "in-house philosopher" Damon Horowitz and what he does; and the uses and applications of thought leadership and implications for authentic critical thinking in business contexts.

The views expressed on this podcast are our own.

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