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Rambling Politics New Year 2020

Welcome to Pan-Optic’s third “Reflections” episode featuring our most reactionary, stream of consciousness rambling yet. Jason and Juan Pablo relate current, salient political headlines to core Pan-Optic themes and previous episodes. In chronological order, we: brainstorm private sector and non-profit applications of critical theory, and debate the limitations of the “business case”; react to the Democratic Presidential Primary debates; and discuss the American politics of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani’s assassination, and climate change / industrial policy in the context of the Australian fires. Full disclosure: this was supposed to be a short episode… On that front, we failed miserably! Nevertheless, we covered a lot of ground in two hours. More importantly, we had a lot of fun. Whether you agree or disagree with our perspectives, Pan-Optic welcomes your participation. Engage with us on Twitter, Instagram, or through the chat box on our website: We’re delighted to address any dissenting views on future episodes.

The views expressed on this podcast are our own.


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